Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sweater Trees

December was incredibly busy for me. Between all the commissioned work and getting all stock ready for the Christmas markets, I had zero time to do any other work. My last market was December 15th, and the week leading up to that I somehow managed to get 2 stacking boxes AND 3 sets of Russian Owls painted.

Because I sold a lot of stock at the Craftganza weekend, my shelves were going to look a little bare for the following weekend, so I needed to fill the void with something. I have had these boxes for quite a while and always thought I'd like to paint some sort of tree theme on them, but never was inspired to do so. Sometimes the pressure of an upcoming event can work in my favor and force me to just get it done and the outcome can be good (usually... I won't show you the monstrosities of a couple of things I started and stopped before settling on doing these boxes). 

The end.

No wait. There is more.
You can now get 'Sweater Trees' on your phone and coasters.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Craftaganza weekend of hecticness


I had an amazing weekend this weekend at Craftaganza at Fabrica in Brighton.

Hoping that I have gained a few new fans, and I would encourage them to add me on facebook to see the most up to date artwork and information.

I still have not had the time to get a proper shop sorted out for the website, but it will come one day. For now the best thing is to contact me by email or by facebook. I am happy to do custom orders, commissions and take orders for coasters, phone cases, and prints via either one. I promise not to spam you on facebook either! So feel free to add me :).

Despite being fairly hung over on Saturday, we had a really good weekend. All in all very successful, so successful I had to go home after the first day to replenish stocks before Sunday. 

I will be spending this week painting more stacking dolls for this weekend's market at the Friend's Meeting house for the Brighton Craft Fair.  Hope to see some returning customers there! :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tiny Owl Face Boxes

I love these little boxes. And what better thing to paint on them than an owlface.

the end.

Stacking dolls..... NON OWL!

Holy Moses! The first NON owl themed Russian dolls. I think owls definitely make the best animal for stacking dolls, but I happily accepted the challenge to paint a family of different animals. 

Badger, Snowy Owl, Greyhound Dog, Bear, and Jelly fish.

Each has a symbol that is significant to the person that the animal is supposed to represent. 

The end.

Russian Owls Round 4

more and more...

The end

Owl Perch Box


The End.

Russian Owls - Round 3

More Russian Owls

The end

Treasure Boxes

Commissions for treasure boxes..... x 4

Yes.... that is an Ewok. Not my most favoritest of these commissions, but was fun to do something different. 

Round 2 Russian Owls.

More commissions for Russian Owls. 

The End.