Saturday, 27 October 2012

Phone Cases

Today was the day of the Vintage and Very Nice Market in Chichester. It was nice to be able to walk from home, although on the way back afterwards we were caught in the rain, which was pretty unpleasant.

It was a so-so day. I'm not sure if Chichester is the best market for my wares, or maybe the cold was keeping folks away.

There was a lot of possitive feedback for the Phone Cases and many people picked up flyers for them.

Phone Cases Available for:

Iphone 4/4S
Samsung S
Samsung S2
Samsung S3
Blackberry Bold 9900
Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Torch

Almost any design from the website is possible, but here are some of the most popular.

Please feel free to contact me directly or via facebook.
Or find me on Etsy.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Russian Owls - Commissions

More commissions!

So pleased that the smaller are the stacking doll sets are popular. I sold the first set I did a few weeks ago within minutes of posting them on Facebook. I also received a commission for 3 sets.

This is the first.. The request was for them to be peacock inspired. 

The second set, the request was for animal print. 

There was a few other personal addition into the owls, but I am cautious of perhaps the recipient of these stumping across here and then the surprise being ruined. 

The challenge was to incorporate the personal details but also keep true to my own style. The colors of both these sets were not necessarily ones I would have chosen to do, but in the end I really like them. 

The end.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

London Art

Tom and I went up to London yesterday for a day full of art-ness. We originally went only to go and see the Moniker Art Fair and the White Canvas Project, but then decided that since we'd be in East London might as well do a walking art tour around the area courtesy of Griff and, which actually turned out to be way more interesting than both the fair and the White Canvas Project.

Ben Wilson gum art 




Me & ROA



Pablo Del Gado @ Pure Evil Gallery

Pablo Del Gado @ Pure Evil Gallery

Another ROA


Half an El Mac peice, other half covered up by white van man.

Real Blaine Fontana peice at the White Canvas Project

Ben Slow

C215 at the Moniker Project

someone who I forgot the name of at the Moniker Art Fair, just thought the photo looked cool.

Hush at Moniker Art Fair, & saw him selling 8x10 pints for £99.00 a peice.... 

Hush at Moniker Art Fair

Space Invader

Christiaan Nagel Mushroom


Cityzen Kane

Shepard Fairey in the flesh putting up a piece for his show next week at Stolen Space

Tom stoked to see Shepard

Another ROA


A bunch of people looking at Shepard Fairey wall paper paste.

Conor Harrington

Phlegm & EINE




Christiaan Nagel Mushroom

We also saw a few Banksy pieces, but everyone has seen those a thousand times over. 

Tom speaking to Shepard Fairey

I was a little to shy to go and say hello to Shepard Fairey. After Tom came back and I asked him what he said and he said "Oh I just said, 'You see that girl over there, that's my wife, she wrote a paper on you, how steal artwork'..... just joking." It's only a little bit true. In university, many years ago, I wrote a paper on Copywrite infringement. Part of the paper focused on street art and explored how many corporate advertisers and crap graphic designers were stealing artwork from street artists and getting away with it. For a small portion of the paper I talked about Shepard Fairey and his appropriation of imagery, sometimes art. 

In high school (over 10 years ago now.... uhh) I really started getting in to graffiti.... as in looking at images on the internet, not going around town spray painting... which opened my eyes to street art eventually. It was the first art that I encountered that wasn't traditional art that we learned about in art class. Before writting my paper that included Shepard Fairey, I wrote a paper about Street Art and Graffiti, exploring their similarities and origins. At that time though, there weren't a lot of actual book on the subjects, not like now and my citations page was a lot of blogs, forums, and Wooster.  I followed street art for a really long time, becoming slightly obsessive. Not so much anymore, but there are still some Artists I follow and still really appreciate what street art is all about. All in all yesterday was a huge success.

The end, ned.