Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rat Box

I received a comission from someone who found me at my last art fair. She asked for a box painted with Rats for her daughter. I sometimes find comissions hard, especially if people expect me to paint something that isn't me. I used to have a pet rat growing up and am very found of rats, so I was quite excited by the idea of painting rats.

This is my pet rat 'Chocolate', may she rest in peace. She was one of the best pets I ever had.

Anyways, decided to do another faces box. I lined the inside with paper to make a little 'prettier'. The box makes is excellent for jewelry and what not. 

 Here are some of the best face combinations:

Here's a GIF of all the faces. They are all awesome.

New Russian Owls - Feather Leaf

New set of stacking dolls painted a la hiboux. 

These ones are much  much smaller than the original sets I did, which is great because I feel like I can sell them at an affordable price. 


The smallest of the owls. Super tiny.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Phone Cases

Whilst I was hacking the mainframe (googling) for new types of coasters I could print, I came across printable Iphone covers.

I've been trying to find the best prices and the best kind with a not too expensive shipping charge. I think I have finally found the best ones and will be selling what I have so far at my next fair tomorrow at Guildhall in Portsmouth.

$22.00/£14.00 with shipping each. 

Salmon Stack

This is a drawing I did last weekend.

It took me until the other day to think of a title for it though.

When stacking, always start with bears, then narwhals, then salmon. 

Brown Paper

A couple of quick drawings from the other weekend. I wanted to try out some new white paint pens I ordered last month and haven't really used.


If you weren't aware already, I am now on behance.

It a wicked site, I would suggest that anyone who is doing creative things signs up on there.

I was a little dubious at first, thinking I was not 'professional' enough for it. But so far I have already been featured in two of their hand picked sites.

Illustration Served
Toy Design Served

Even if you aren't posting up work on their, it's still an amazing side to be inspired from.

Bison Thursday

I have just realised I have forgotten to update the ol blogger. 

It is so incredibly time consuming taking photos, editing and updating to Facebook (x3.. Personal, Art, and Fanpage), Behance, Etsy, the website, and the blog. And really, I'd rather just be drawing instead. However, although I am drawing purely for my own enjoyment it is amazing to find out that other people are enjoying what I am doing as well. So these social networking things are a little bit important. Im 100% sure that people aren't following this blog waiting for me to update them on what I am up to, but it is the front page of my actual website.. Hello!

Okay, so a couple of weekends ago I just myself away a drew this in a day and half.

I've titled it 'Bison Thursday' and it really makes me laugh. 

I have been wanting to draw a bison ever since I put on in the totem pole in the 'Stay Still' drawing. Most people aren't even aware of the little stack of animals in the corner of that drawing. 


The end.