Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bison Thursday

I have just realised I have forgotten to update the ol blogger. 

It is so incredibly time consuming taking photos, editing and updating to Facebook (x3.. Personal, Art, and Fanpage), Behance, Etsy, the website, and the blog. And really, I'd rather just be drawing instead. However, although I am drawing purely for my own enjoyment it is amazing to find out that other people are enjoying what I am doing as well. So these social networking things are a little bit important. Im 100% sure that people aren't following this blog waiting for me to update them on what I am up to, but it is the front page of my actual website.. Hello!

Okay, so a couple of weekends ago I just myself away a drew this in a day and half.

I've titled it 'Bison Thursday' and it really makes me laugh. 

I have been wanting to draw a bison ever since I put on in the totem pole in the 'Stay Still' drawing. Most people aren't even aware of the little stack of animals in the corner of that drawing. 


The end.

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