Saturday, 22 May 2010

Beaucoup plus d'hiboux!

More owls!

These are both 8x10 sized and I'm going to put them up for sale via le facebook. 
Day and Night owls. I think its best that they are sold together as they are sort of a set, but I'm going to keep painting these so I may come up with another owl that will suit one of these. We'll see

These are 6x4 size. 
I think I will call this set Stumpy owls. A) because they are stumpy type owls and B) because they are on stumps. Good enough! 
I will also put these up for sale on le facebook. 

Hopefully you can click on the pictures to see them bigger as there is a bit more detail than is visible from just these pictures. 

Im on the hunt for old picture frames to recycle and use for my art. Mismatched, ugly, or broken.. I don't care. So if you have any... send them my way.

The end.
Hope you are enjoying the owls as much as me.

OH I almost forgot this little guy...

This is 'Tree hole owl'
He doesn't have a counterpart yet, as I have run out of frames.

The end, for real. 

Monday, 17 May 2010

les hiboux

Okay... so since my last post I have painted 3 new paintings.

The first - tried to replicate the bird hand painting... It turned out utterly poo. I'll try to fix it another time.. but I moved on to other things.

The second - A painting of a crows, hot air ballons, kites and clouds.. I haven't quite finished it yet though. Will post later

And the thirs - OWLS!! I love owls.

I'm too excited about owls to finish the two previous paintings, so they will have to sit on the back burner for a bit while I draw as many owls as I possibly can.

I have so many ideas for owls....... OOoo so exciting. Just wait and see........

the end

Saturday, 1 May 2010

new paintings of the old

And when I say old, I don't mean elderly people.

I've just bought some wood today that I'm going to start painting in a few minutes. I think I am done with painting on paper in the style I was doing before... for now anyways. I will probably revisit it later when I have some more ideas. For the wood, I am going to revisit the 'bird hand' painting I did a few years ago.

It seams to be a favorite among my friends and family. I've always really liked it too, but not loved it. There are a few things that I would change given the chance. When I first painted it I had painted the entire hand bright kelly green. I have no idea why and I soon realized it was a huge mistake, so I spent hours scraping the paint all off, because I still wanted to have the wood showing. So it was a bit frustrating and I never did anything more like it. I think straight after this painting I starting painting the very first set of coasters.

The end.

Time to get to work!

llamas, llamas, llamas

I love llamas... who doesn't?

I have been drawing llamas since 2004 I believe. They always seem to pop up in my work every now and then.

I actually hate this. I don't know what I was thinking when putting the spinning wheel in there. It just doesnt work. The only good thing that came out of this painting was the llama. I first painted the llama shape in thick black paint with a tiny brush, making a fur texture. I wasn't really sure how it would come out but I love it. Its too bad I ruined the entire painting with a bad decision. Instead of trying to fix it, I thought, it will be much faster and better to just do a whole new painting....

Much better! I love the hand mountains.. I think I will be using that agains somwhere else. I don't think I actually love this painting either, but it is a much better improvement to the previous.

The end.