Monday, 30 August 2010

Russian Stacking Dolls a la Owl

I bought two sets of blank wooden russian stacking dolls a few months ago via ebay. I have been dying to paint them, but have been busy. See below...

So this weekend I have finally been able to paint them. I saw these really cool stacking dolls on, which gave me the idea to do some of my own. Of course my first thought was owls.

Anyways, here they are.

The end.

So many birds, so little time.

So a couple of weeks ago I submitted a bunch of my paintings for this art festival that went on in Chichester. The organiser was looking for artists, so I asked "what for?" and they said "an art maze!"and I said "okay, count me in!". That's basically how it went down. The theme was Myth/Enchantment/Conspiracy, so I painting a load of owls.............. I was already painting owls, so just continued on with what I was doing and hoped that people would be able to link the theme with my paintings.

Here they all are on show:
There were a few pieces cut out from this shot, but you get the idea.

So that is what I have been up too. Painting owls.

Here are some better pictures of some of the new paintings.

This one I love. I bought this frame of for £8.00. Bargain! It is just plastic, but it looks really cool. Mind the glare in the photo, I have to re-take this one. I call this one the "bad owl". I am so uncreative with the naming of my paintings.

I call this one the cardinal. This bird's hands creep me out.. I love it!

Click this one to see it bigger. He's holding a tiny cat.

I love this one too. Also a tiny cat on it's head.

The Bird King?

Owl made from crows. Creepy? A little bit.

tree barn owl

crow mask

There are loads more. Check out the website or the facebook to see them all. Most of them are for sale as well. And I need to sell them as I am seriously getting over-run with art. 

The end.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Long time no see

Soooo I've been a bit busy/lazy.

Well since the last update I've been home to Canada for 3 weeks and done loads of wedding planning. I have managed to fit in an entire new series of paintings though. I've just not had time to update blogs and fb... but when I say 'not had time' I really mean 'couldn't be bothered'.

There is this Art and Music festival in Chichester that I've taken part in (very small). They've built this maze full of art and I added some paintings to it. So in 2.5 weeks I painted 19 new paintings, all bird related. Hoorah!

Heres a taste, more to come later.

This one I did a year or so ago (just the bird). It started out as just a random tea stain which evolved into a bird. I added the doodles recently. Much better.

The end