Friday, 20 August 2010

Long time no see

Soooo I've been a bit busy/lazy.

Well since the last update I've been home to Canada for 3 weeks and done loads of wedding planning. I have managed to fit in an entire new series of paintings though. I've just not had time to update blogs and fb... but when I say 'not had time' I really mean 'couldn't be bothered'.

There is this Art and Music festival in Chichester that I've taken part in (very small). They've built this maze full of art and I added some paintings to it. So in 2.5 weeks I painted 19 new paintings, all bird related. Hoorah!

Heres a taste, more to come later.

This one I did a year or so ago (just the bird). It started out as just a random tea stain which evolved into a bird. I added the doodles recently. Much better.

The end

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