Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mural @ Whipped&Baked

Whipped & Baked = The most precious of baked goods and coffee shop which also happens to be a stone's throw from my place. I can tell you I frequent this place often for delicious peanut butter brownies. I adorned their wall with this creature:
He has nothing to do with cake of coffee, but he probably enjoys both.

Here's some progress.

I was a little tempted to leave him red, but then thought people might think he was an orangutang. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Gloucester PaintJam

My Canadian-ness disables me from saying the name Gloucester. I read it as Glou-ces-ter. I can never get it right.

This was my first Paint Jam type event and it was thoroughly enjoyed and now all I want to do is paint my creatures giant!

The first day we were rained on so hard that Tom and I both had to buy new sweatshirts as we were ill-prepared and had no spare warm clothing. The second day was beautiful and my arms came out of it looking like lobsters. As a red head I should really know better!

The whole community was super supportive and seemed to really enjoy the whole thing. The event itself was masterfully planned and organised to a T.

Here are some pics of my donut head painting some blue creature thing.

End of day 1. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Owl made of crows Illustration ‘Crowl’ - High...

Owl made of crows Illustration ‘Crowl’ - High Quality Canvas Print for Framing by caleighill (3.00 GBP)

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via caleigh-ill-ustration

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Monday, 16 June 2014

The Narwhal Pickler and Pickled Narwhal

A friend a work accidentally called the painting The Pickler instead of Picker. I had previously sort of imagined him picking them like, but soon as she said pickler I immediately thought about him first picking them then placing them into jars to be pickled. 


They are necessarily to be eaten, but maybe just preserved. Maybe he is somesort of conservationist and is saving them from extinction and once pickled, they can be re-released. 

Or maybe narwhal is super tasty.