Sunday, 25 April 2010

Whatcha got there little fella?

Jam jars... New painting.

I did the background and the hands last week but couldn't come up with something to finish it off. I was reluctant to try anything I did come up with because I really liked the hands with the blocks of color on its own, even though it definetly needed something more. Mr tom actaully was the one to suggest jam jars. I was thinking of filling them with weird animals... like yaks, but I could come up with a good enough drawing of a yak so I stuck with what I knew would work, doodlelies. Maybe I will try the yak idea another time.

The end.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

electric boogaloo

Another painting!
I was inspired by the album art I did with the tree branch spelling the text for the album tittled, so I wanted to do something more like it.  Voila:

Why electric boogaloo? No idea... Just because I can.

The end.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

little girl shy album complete

I have just finished the album cover that I was doing for my friend ilana. Here it is.

click it to see it better

I haven't properly cropped it yet... and i've left the template in there still just so we can see whats going to be where for now. But there it is. I ended up changing he tree to a single color and lighter, as before it was competing with the flowers for main focus. I think it works really well this way, even though I did spend ages coloring each little part of the tree a different shade of purple previously. If only I would have known it was going to look poo. 

Hopefully it is clear that the album is titled "would you follow" and the artist's name is little girl shy. Oui? 

Hopefully in 4 weeks time she will have a bunch printed up and ready to be distributed. Im excited to see how it turns out.

The end.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

up and up....

Okay, so I fininally found the energy to finish the painting last night. Same themes and colors.
up and up

I've never been one for tittleling pieces. I hate doing it actually. I always just end up tittleling it something that refers to something in the painting, only to help me to know which is which. At the same time I hate when paintings get tittled 'untitled 1' etc.

I've already primed and begun two more paintings with the same backgrounds, but they are different sized paper and I think I am going to explore something else... but again, I've hit a wall.

The end.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

the progress of a whale

Right, so I have hit a wall with the creativity this afternoon. Usually I only get to really painting on the weekends but this morning we went shopping and I've come back thinking I'll get straight on with painting, but its really not happened. So I am doing what I do best and am procrastinating. Here is the progression of the whale painting of the earlier post. I never do this and I think it will be interesting for me to look back on to see how a peice has gone from blank paper to finished piece.

Step one. Tape and Prime Prime Prime.

Step two. Base colour, dark blue.

Step three, colour blocks, definetly turquoise, definetly lime-ish, definetly gross brown/green... then I tried a florescent type pink/orange in the bottom left corner which looked terrible, so changed it to the color it is now.

Step four. Doodle.... I did this while watching project runway, sat on the couch. I think this is probably the best bit to do. No thought process needed.

Oh and did the hands, in calligraphy ink... so much easier to work with than paint.

Step five, bubbles, greys

Step six, waterfall, ink pens... basically more doodling, but a little more purposefully.

Step seven, add red for tree leaves.. almost fini!

Then added the whale in. See the final image below in previous post if you like.

The end.

Monday, 12 April 2010

whales, hot air balloons, lemons

Three new paintings! I am still carrying on with the same series of the previous post. I don't know how long I will keep going with these but I don't seem to be slowing down yet. I haven't had much feedback on any of these yet so I'm not really sure what others think about them, but I love them... For now anyways. Alot of the time I will end up hating it after I look at it long enough. Anyways, here goes three more.

This is is my least favorite so far. I think its the red and the yellow-ish color that doesn't do it for me.

I called this ones lemons.. only because there are lemons hanging from the top. Not quite sure why.

This one I titled ' a whale of a time ' and i think it is one of my favorites so far. Also with this one I took a picture of it at each step so that I can later upload them so you can see how they develop.

With alll these in this series of painting I never started with a plan or a vision of how it was going to look in the end. The very first painting was a total fluke that it actually turned out in the way that it did. For the rest I only worked with the concept that I would have a background made from rectangles, that there would be loads of doodle-ly bits at the bottom, I would have a hand in black somewhere and the rest of the image would be painting in grey tones. The end.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

feather rain

After finishing the bald balloons painting I was quite pleased with myself. I really liked the outcome at it and this morning felt the need to do another. So here it is.

This one is a little less random (no bald heads) but I think I may even like it a little more than the previous. I feel really excited about these two so I am going to continue with the same ideas and do many more. I've already begun the third. The end.

bald balloons

Brand new painting finished! Finished it yesterday but had to wait until to today to get a pciture of it when the sun is out.

Don't ask why... Im not even sure myself. Ages ago, when searching for patterns in google image search, I came accross a diagram of male pattern baldness. The diagram had about 15 or so heads all with different balding patterns. I thought it looked hilarious and always wanted to use it for something. Yesterday I painted this picture with no intentions of using the heads until I needed a scrap peice of paper to draw a hand on, and picked up the print out of the heads. And there you have it. Bald balloons. The end.