Tuesday, 20 April 2010

little girl shy album complete

I have just finished the album cover that I was doing for my friend ilana. Here it is.

click it to see it better

I haven't properly cropped it yet... and i've left the template in there still just so we can see whats going to be where for now. But there it is. I ended up changing he tree to a single color and lighter, as before it was competing with the flowers for main focus. I think it works really well this way, even though I did spend ages coloring each little part of the tree a different shade of purple previously. If only I would have known it was going to look poo. 

Hopefully it is clear that the album is titled "would you follow" and the artist's name is little girl shy. Oui? 

Hopefully in 4 weeks time she will have a bunch printed up and ready to be distributed. Im excited to see how it turns out.

The end.

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