Monday, 12 April 2010

whales, hot air balloons, lemons

Three new paintings! I am still carrying on with the same series of the previous post. I don't know how long I will keep going with these but I don't seem to be slowing down yet. I haven't had much feedback on any of these yet so I'm not really sure what others think about them, but I love them... For now anyways. Alot of the time I will end up hating it after I look at it long enough. Anyways, here goes three more.

This is is my least favorite so far. I think its the red and the yellow-ish color that doesn't do it for me.

I called this ones lemons.. only because there are lemons hanging from the top. Not quite sure why.

This one I titled ' a whale of a time ' and i think it is one of my favorites so far. Also with this one I took a picture of it at each step so that I can later upload them so you can see how they develop.

With alll these in this series of painting I never started with a plan or a vision of how it was going to look in the end. The very first painting was a total fluke that it actually turned out in the way that it did. For the rest I only worked with the concept that I would have a background made from rectangles, that there would be loads of doodle-ly bits at the bottom, I would have a hand in black somewhere and the rest of the image would be painting in grey tones. The end.

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