Saturday, 17 April 2010

the progress of a whale

Right, so I have hit a wall with the creativity this afternoon. Usually I only get to really painting on the weekends but this morning we went shopping and I've come back thinking I'll get straight on with painting, but its really not happened. So I am doing what I do best and am procrastinating. Here is the progression of the whale painting of the earlier post. I never do this and I think it will be interesting for me to look back on to see how a peice has gone from blank paper to finished piece.

Step one. Tape and Prime Prime Prime.

Step two. Base colour, dark blue.

Step three, colour blocks, definetly turquoise, definetly lime-ish, definetly gross brown/green... then I tried a florescent type pink/orange in the bottom left corner which looked terrible, so changed it to the color it is now.

Step four. Doodle.... I did this while watching project runway, sat on the couch. I think this is probably the best bit to do. No thought process needed.

Oh and did the hands, in calligraphy ink... so much easier to work with than paint.

Step five, bubbles, greys

Step six, waterfall, ink pens... basically more doodling, but a little more purposefully.

Step seven, add red for tree leaves.. almost fini!

Then added the whale in. See the final image below in previous post if you like.

The end.

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