Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday the 13th faf

Some zombie birds out for the 13th. Thought I'd keep em all together.


After putting these out Friday night, I came home to an email from someone who found it. I wanted to share the email as it was such a nice email. 

We were just out walking Wilson 
Spencer Berkeley (the dog!) & came 
across your beautiful artwork!.. 
Actually Florence (who\'s 5) noticed it 

As we were loooking at it a man smiled 
at us as he walked by - So we offered 
your artwork.. and gave him the little 
card inside one we took - so he could 
get in contact ! He maybe thought we 
must know you - as he asked if he 
could make a donation@!

So hey - you may get a young chap 
emailing to say a BIG thank you for 
brightening up our little evening walk 
in Chichester...

What a fabulous idea!

Is this something you do as a collective 
- or something you do alone?

Either way - FAF is FAB!

Love to invite you to a latte @ Nero\'s 
anytime your free... be fab to say 
thankQ & buy you a latte.. (if not! just 
know you made a little girl very 

I am so pleased to know these things are finding their way into homes and not into bins.

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