Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ceramic Owls

Wondering when I am going to get sick of owls. In all honesty, I'm not THAT obsessed with them. Obviously they are incredible birds and beautiful, but more importantly to me.. they are the perfect shape for stacking dolls... and I love drawing them still.

Okay, so Mr Tom and I went to homewares type store a while ago to buy lightbulbs.. litterally that is all we went for.. and I spotted this..
... a slightly hideous white ceramic owl. I bought one and as soon as we got home and began prepping it to be painted... The next day, Bob was born.

Soon as he was done, I sent Tom out to buy two more:

Meet, Hank

And Earl:

 We then went back and bought 3 more plus a bigger one, as all of these 3 were sold very quickly.

The end.

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