Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chichester Street Art....?

Almost 6 weeks ago on a Friday after work Tom and I were sat in our living room on our gadgets wondering what to do with ourselves, when Tom sees something on instagram about Roa in Chichester. We both immediately assume it must be Chichester somewhere else, as it could not possibly be our Chichester. We do a little more investigating and find more images, one which I recognize a building just up the road from us. So we walk up there to check it out, expecting to find nothing. We round the corner to see one of Christiaan Nagel's Mushrooms, then around the corner again we see cherry pickers with Phelgm and RUN on them painting away. We stand watching for a little while, not believing our own eyes. A guy comes up to us to and starts a conversation with us. It turns out he is Cityzen Kane. He tells us who's running it, why it's happening, who else is involved, asks us what we do, he asks to see my artwork and I give him some of my nakkid owl stickers. =MindBlown.

Turns our Griff, who runs Street Art london walking tours and who was our tour guide on the tour we we did last year, is also behind the events. We chat to him a little bit and then this guy in a high-vis jackets give us some artist post cards. It isn't until we are walking away that we realise that is Thierry Noir. We were in Berlin a few month ago and learned all about Thierry, but we didn't connect the dots until it was too late.
Griff gave us some the pamphlet with the map to all the street art and we began our Friday night adventure in our own town.
Christiaan Nagel's Mushroom

RUN x Phlegm

Phlegm - In Progress

stik - In progress

ROA - in progress

Dskreet - in progress

Christiaan Nagel's Mushroom

Dskreet - in progress

Hitness - In Progress


It was really nice to see the work in progress and meet a few of the artists. We talked with Stik, Roa, and Dskreet who were all super nice people. For the following week we went out for walks as often as we could to try to find all the remaining pieces and see the progress of everything. 

The end.

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