Wednesday, 4 September 2013


It has been far too long since the last update. But within good reason. Sort of. I went home to Canada for just under three weeks as my little brother was getting married. It was quite nice to have a break from my real job and my crafty job too. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my Etsy shop as in the last few months things have been picking up slowly. I read that it wasn’t a great idea to put it in ‘holiday mode’ for a few reasons. So I opted to not and changed my Shop Announcement and automated responses. Lucky I did so as I received 6 orders while away and even more lucky each were happy to wait until I was back. The only draw back was I was answering a few emails and fretting a little about the customers being upset about having to wait, whilst on holiday. It was all fine in the end. I flew back to England, went in to work the same day, then worked a Friday and had a long weekend to catch up on Etsy orders.

Here are two new custom Russian Owls. 


  1. Hello from a fellow Chichester blogger. I am English, but used to live in Alberta! Your Russian Dolls are fab, I will have to check out your Etsy shop!

    1. Ahhh Hello!! I didn't see this until now.. Very nice to meet you. Im from BC, neighbour to Alberta;)