Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Creature Hoarder

Long over due post. 

I had a horrible cold a few weeks ago and in my drugged state of mind I created this:

It took roughly 20 hours in total; so, I started and finished it in a single weekend which was a great feeling. Thinking back, I don't even fully remember the whole process or why this idea came about. 

Its A1 size, which is the largest I have done since being in the UK. When I was in university, everything was big, 5ft big. I had the studio space, storage space, and my dad's workshop to build stretcher frames. Here in England, I feel a little limited by my workspace. Another is scanning. I always want to have a high quality digital version of my artwork for reproduction. Usually I am scanning A2 artwork about 6 times and stitching it together in photoshop. Working on A1 size this time meant I needed to scan this piece 14 times. Its a long process but 100% worth it for reproductions. 

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  1. You need to get sick more often. This is awesome!