Sunday, 9 December 2012

Craftaganza weekend of hecticness


I had an amazing weekend this weekend at Craftaganza at Fabrica in Brighton.

Hoping that I have gained a few new fans, and I would encourage them to add me on facebook to see the most up to date artwork and information.

I still have not had the time to get a proper shop sorted out for the website, but it will come one day. For now the best thing is to contact me by email or by facebook. I am happy to do custom orders, commissions and take orders for coasters, phone cases, and prints via either one. I promise not to spam you on facebook either! So feel free to add me :).

Despite being fairly hung over on Saturday, we had a really good weekend. All in all very successful, so successful I had to go home after the first day to replenish stocks before Sunday. 

I will be spending this week painting more stacking dolls for this weekend's market at the Friend's Meeting house for the Brighton Craft Fair.  Hope to see some returning customers there! :)

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