Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Madness

It's December 2nd and the madness ensues  Well actually it probably started in November. December is the best time to do craft fairs and markets, which I had my first one today at Guildhall in Portsmouth. November was already incredibly busy for me as I received quite a few commissions for Russian Owls and painted boxes that I needed to complete before I left for my 2 week trip home to Canada. So I spent many late nights after work slaving away at my desk painting. All went well and everything was finished on time. I got back last Sunday and already have 4 more commissions for more Russian Owls, which I have managed to complete this week in addition to getting everything else ready for this weekend's market. So, naturally, the Internets side of my art life falls by the wayside in these times, hence the zero Facebook blog/website updates. As it is far to late in the evening to start painting I have given myself this task of updating the Internets with my lovely art. Enjoy...

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