Thursday, 23 May 2013


I have been trying to remember to do a throwback post of facebook of an old painting or something. I went super far back today and had a browse through my work from university. And this old favorite caught my eye.

This is 'The Kiss' and is my very 1st painting of my 1st year of University. I was 18 and had just come back from backpacking around Europe, seeing loads of amazing graffiti characters in barcelona and loved a particular painting on the berlin wall and wanted to put it all together, and by that I mean slightly alude to it in a very vague way without being obvious about anything. Here's a little secrete, there is a red skinned jesus on a cross painted between the 3 characters in the underpainting. Is that weird?

As you know, I keep my files super organised  so going back through old folders of artwork it's sort of weird that 3 years of university produced maybe 6 or 8 pieces at the most that I am still a bit proud of. Whereas the last 6 years of my art making adventures have produced 2.5gb of images of my artwork, which I am mostly proud of (there are some onions in there). Maybe 6 years from now in hindsight I will hate everything. I hope so, that will mean I will be doing new and (hopefully) better things. Right?!

The end.

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