Friday, 12 July 2013

A Day in the Life of Moi - Makers Boutique

Hopefully you have already seen and ready this over at Makers Boutique... But just incase... I wanted to post up the text and images over here too!

It's Saturday morning and I'm up early because I cannot bear to sleep in ever. I always check my email and social medias first. Sometimes its hard to keep up with them all (Facebook x2, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, Behance! Plus my website and Etsy!).

I have an order for a custom set of Russian Owls for Southsea Coffee Co. in Porstmouth, which I have been dying to get started on all week. I work a 9-5 during the week, which doesn't leave a ton of time during the week to get creative. So I make breakfast and get organized to get started.

I start by collecting some images/colour palette for inspiration into a folder on my computer for when I get stuck on what next to do. Sometimes I pull inspiration from some of my old favorites.

I am a huge image hoarder and have been collecting inspiration sources since university. I am also slight obessive and label each image correctly for easy finding later.

I start sketching some basic lines and details for the owls and then get some colours mixed while I eat breakfast (banana & egg pancake).

My most favorite thing to do:

I'm using Stevenson acrylic inks and have been since university. They are what was suggested in my first year and have gotten so used to this brand it's hard to change. The only problem is I can only get them when I'm back home in Canada.

I get a colour palette decided, trying to stick with the shop's colours. 

 After painting the grey on this owl about 4 times, I think I have the right shade.

It's time for a break and I always have more than one project on the go. And today's task is doing a little stock take of my products after last weekend's fair at Fabric for Craftaganza.

My 9-5 job gives me access to all kinds of printing equipment which allows me to produce all of my products.
I have an etsy store which I'm still new at and trying to build it up a little more, so I take some photos of some new products which I printed last week.

My husband is always a big help to me when doing fairs especially, but sometimes he is busy so I have to get creative.

I do a little bit of photo editing so they are ready to go up on Etsy.

It's time for a change of scenery, so I walk into town (chichester) which is literally a 3 minute walk.
It's not Friday but I put out a print for Free Art Friday anyways as I didn't have time last night. I hope it makes someone's day awesome.

I have decided to treat myself and buy some new paintbrushes and white paint.

I go back to the Russian Owls, desperate to get them finished sooner than later so that I can go deliver them to Southsea Coffee and drink coffee and eat some of their cake. Cake is my weakness. My husband and I avoid all grains, legumes and dairy and anything processed, but I can never say no to cake. Ever.

For now almonds and dried pineapple will have to do.

A few more hours of works:

I feel satisfied with my progress today, so I call it a day. I eat a late dinner and spend some time with my husband watching a movie until I don't feel guilty about going to bed early.


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