Tuesday, 9 July 2013

All about me! Etsy

I have finally got around to creating the about page on my Etsy shop. It didn't take long once I started, obviously, as it is just a couple of paragraphs; I just find it incredibly difficult to write paragraphs on the topic of myself or my art. So procrastination was key in it never getting done until now.

Anyways its all done and I'm pleased. A little image of my face and a link to the page now appears on all my listings.
Etsy Listing Screen Shot
Here's the text if you don't fancy clicking the link to the page.

There's Always Time to Eat Cake
I have been drawing and painting as far back as I can remember and always told my parents I wanted to be an Artist. After leaving University I moved to the UK and acquired a full time job working in print. One day I started hand painting robots onto a set of wooden coasters that had been damaged at my job. I created a few of these sets before my cousin asked why I didn't print them instead. Light bulb. I began printing my artwork and designs onto the printable coasters. This gave me a product that was easily re-produced, which led me to start selling at craft markets. Since then I have expanded to phone cases, prints, and mugs. All of which I print and assemble myself.

The products are great and can be sold at an affordable price which allows my art to reach many more people than I ever could have previously. I now sometimes find myself creating artwork specifically for coasters in mind.

A lot of my original illustrations had many 10s of hours put in to them and I felt the asking price was a little too high for markets and fairs, but I still wanted to sell original items instead of just reproductions. I began painting small wooden boxes, ceramic owl figures, then sets or Russian Dolls as owls, and thus Russian Owls were born.

To this date I have created 24 individual and unique sets of my Russian Owls, some of which were custom requests.

I am still a drawer/painted at heart and I enjoy nothing more than spending an entire weekend starting and finishing a new painting or drawing. Having the ability to create other products from originals and selling them through Etsy or markets is just icing on the cake. 

Etsy About Page - Screen Shot

The end

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